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79: Poseidon the Aquatic Echidna

“Fog loomed over city, as I watched the city of Echidnapolis die off. I stood there feeling sorry for the fact I was one of the few who escaped. What happen to my parents, my friends, and everyone else, who knows? Are they dead? Are they alive? It only hurts to think about them. I sat on the cliff, watching my city fade into the powers of the Dark Legion. I felt powerless just looking at the run down city skyline, and decided to walk away so I could find a new place to call home. I did not know what lay ahead of me.”
-Poseidon the Echidna

(Gotta Go Fast Plays)

Poseidon brushed back his long, aqua tresses and decided to make tracks. After awhile, he saw a young, skinny girl in the fog that appeared to be crying. Poseidon swiftly ran up to her. “What wrong,” he asked. “My parents are gone, somehow I got stranded here and I have nowhere to go,” the young girl explained, sobbing sadly. “There there,” he replied, “it’s going to be ok, maybe I can take care of you while we try and find them.” “That would be great,” she responded cheerfully, “my name’s Chelcie, Chelcie Vannote.” “Cool, my name’s Poseidon, Poseidon the Echidna.” “Pleasure to meet you, Poseidon,” she reacted. “Now let’s make progress,” he demanded, as they walked into the fog.

Chelcie was adolescent and slim, and standing at medium height, Poseidon’s head was to her waist. Her hair was long and flowing, and had a dark blonde color. Her eyes were a silver-blue color, and shone like ice in Antarctica. She wore tons of fabulous clothing, such as a designer jacket, lovely bellbottoms, and purple nail polish.  

Chelcie kept looking at Poseidon in a funny way. “Why are you staring at me,” Poseidon asked. “Weren’t you one of those talking animals that came to earth several years ago,” Chelcie inquired. “Several years,” he cried, “man, it hasn’t even been a year, or is the time different on earth?” “Maybe it is,” she stated, “you look like that one guy with the dreadlocks, except he was red, do you know him?” ‘Red guy with dreadlocks’ he thought. “Are you talking about Knuckles?” “Yeah, I think so,” she replied, “it’s been kind of long so it’s hard to remember.” “Knuckles is my greatest friend ever,” he exclaimed, “except for the fact that I haven’t seen him in ages.” “Aww,” she mourned, “that must be sad, why did he leave?” “He had to go guard the master emerald,” he explained. “Really, what’z that,” she asked. “It’s this large, bright green gem on the other side of the Island,” he clarified, “it’s said to have some amazing power.” “Hmm, it sounds interesting,” she uttered, “I love pretty gems.”

Later on, they came to a small house, which appeared to be made of tan bricks. “Maybe they can help us,” Chelcie stated. “Heh, why not,” Poseidon answered. They walked slowly up to the door, and he knocked. In a matter of seconds, a blue hedgehog opened the door, “Hey,” he said, “what’s up?” “Sonic, is that you?” asked Poseidon. “The one and only,” he replied. “How cool,” he exclaimed, “I look up to you all the time, I’m Poseidon, and this is my friend, Chelcie.” “Oh my god,” cried Chelcie, “I remember when I was like eight, you came to earth and saved our planet from destruction, can I have your autograph?” “Uhh, sure,” said Sonic as he signed the paper and handed it back. “Thanks,” Chelcie cheered gleefully, “no problem; it’s a big pleasure to meet you two.” Suddenly, a deep, angry voice was heard in the background shouting, “Aye, Sonic, who’s there?” and came into the foreground. “Knuckles,” Poseidon asked. “Poseidon,” responded the red Echidna. Poseidon ran up to Knuckles to big him a big hug. “Oh I missed you,” exclaimed Poseidon. “I missed you too,” Knuckles retorted. “Hey, you’re that Knuckles guy that Poseidon told me about,” she exclaimed, “I remember when you came to earth and saved the world from destruction.” Knuckles ignored her and continued to give Poseidon a large bear hug. “Just between you and me, “Sonic whispered into Chelcie’s ear, “Knuckles gets annoyed at times when people act all ‘like Oh my god’ and stuff.”

Later, Poseidon, Chelcie, Sonic, and the rest of the gang all had breakfast. “Well,” said Poseidon, “let’s introduce ourselves, what are your names?”

“Cream and cheese”

“Nice to meet all of you,” Poseidon responded. “So Poseidon,” asked Sonic, “how did you and Knuckles meet?”


“I was walking home from school and then I bumped into Knuckles…”

“Ouch,” cried Knuckles, “watch where you’re going.” “Sorry,” Poseidon replied. “By the way, you look different,” Knuckles stated. “Yeah, many people make fun of me for the way I look,” he sighed. “My name’s Knuckles,” he replied, “and your name?” “Poseidon.” “That’s a nice name,” he replied. “Thanks,” Poseidon uttered gratefully. “See ya around Poseidon,” Knuckles informed. “Yeah, I’ll talk to ya sometime,” Poseidon responded

(End of Flashback)

“So Knuckles, how come you never told us about him,” asked Sonic, “did you forget?” “I was going to tell you guys but I kept forgetting to, not that I forgot about him.” “Aww,” Poseidon retorted, “we all forget Knuckles, and it’s no big deal.”

Unexpectedly, Amy came in and asked, “So Poseidon, Chelcie, want me to show you where you’ll be staying?” “Sure,” the two replied in unison. Amy lead them to a small room with a bunk bed and explained, “This is where you’ll be sleeping for now, the bathroom is down the hall, second door on the right from this room, and you can just ask if you need anything.” “Thanks,” said Chelcie. “I call the top,” exclaimed Poseidon. “Oh no you didn’t, I was going to call top,” Chelcie shouted back. “Well, I’m lighter, so I get the top, that’s the rule that I go with,” he replied. “Fine mister smart ass,” she muttered back.

Out of nowhere, Knuckles came in and asked, “Hey, you want to take a walk, the fog is clearing up.” “Sure,” he exclaimed, “wanna come Chels?” “Eh, sure why not,” she responded. They all went out into the early afternoon sun of Angel Island, temperatures were mild and a slight breeze was blowing. They walked across a field of green into the sun. “I want to show you guys something,” said Knuckles, as they walked towards a bright green gem. “This here is the Master Emerald,” he explained, “I was not only sent to fight evil, but also to guard this precious gem.” “Poseidon told me about it,” said Chelcie, “it’s really pretty and looks really powerful.” They paused shortly when Poseidon came in with, “we must protect as much as we can.” “Why,” asked Knuckles. “I came here because the Dark Legion has came back to reclaim Echidnapolis, and many peoples, such as my parents, are either dead or somewhere held hostage, I was one of the few who could escape.” “Don’t worry,” replied Knuckles, “we’ll guard it with all we have “Well may god bless your poor soul,” Chelcie mourned, “it must’ve been sad to sacrifice your family and friends for yourself.” “Yeah” Poseidon said softly…


Tons of robots were tearing down buildings and Echidnas were running for their lives, as Poseidon tried to protect his parents, he started to shiver in fear. “Mother, father, I must go, I’m too weak to fight,” he said as he slowly let go of his mother’s hand, and then swiftly ran away.

(End of Flashback)

He jumped back after he had had the flashback of the destruction of his city. “Whoa, are you ok,” asked Knuckles. “Oh yeah, perfectly fine,” he replied. “Sheesh,” Chelcie bellowed “what a life must it be to be fighting for yourself all the time just to lead a normal life, and I thought we had bad back on earth.” “Yeah,” said Knuckles, “you get used to it.” “Used to it,” she cried, “I could never get used to such a lifestyle; it must be so hard that you don’t even care anymore.” She got down on her knees and hugged him as tears dripped down her face. “Chels,” shouted Poseidon, “there is no need to get so overemotional, you will eventually learn to live such a hard lifestyle we live here, not only on just Angel Island, but all over Mobius. In our world, there are some real snakes in the grass.” “Chelcie,” asked Knuckles. “Yeah,” she replied sobbing. “Maybe some lunch will take your mind of this,” he uttered. “Yeah,” said Poseidon, “let’s get going.”

After lunch, Poseidon asked if he could use his computer for research. “So what ‘cha researching,” asked Tails. “We need to figure out a way to defeat the Dark Legion.” No problem,” said Tails, “there’s no need for research, I have this huge bazooka we can use to fire at them, and I’ll stay in here with it and have it ready for battle.” “Good idea,” replied Poseidon. Abruptly, Amy came in announcing, “Oh boys, you want some green tea ice cream?” “Sure,” they replied in unison. “Ok, hurry up or it’s gonna melt,” she responded. “We’ll be there as soon as we can,” Poseidon replied.

Late that night, Poseidon could hear giant footsteps coming form a distance, and looked out his window to find Dimitri and his army were preparing to attack. He immediately rushed out of bed and cried, “Chelcie, wake up!” “Ugh, morning already,” she asked jadedly. “Go wake up everyone, Tails and I will get the bazooka ready.” She took her orders immediaty and tried to stay awake. So Poseidon ran into Tails’ office to find him sleeping on a beanbag chair with the bazooka. “Last call,” Poseidon cried out poking Tails. “Aye, aye,” shouted Tails, “no need to be so loud.” “No time for that,” Poseidon demanded, “get the canon ready, the dark legion is approaching.” “Ok,” Tails shouted trying to stay alert. Poseidon then ran to Chelcie, and he saw that she had gotten everyone up, and ordered everyone outside

Once outside, they stood ready for whatever lay ahead. “Leave us alone,” shouted Knuckles. “Hehehehehe,” Dimitri chuckled, “you impudent little fools think you’re all that?” “Oh you asked for it,” shouted Knuckles charging. However, before Knuckles could even touch him, he dodged harshly by Dimitri. “Knuckles,” Sonic shouted in horror. “Oh, you’re in a lot of trouble,” Sonic cried in anger, “Tails, give me a ring!” Tails threw a ring to Sonic and Sonic charged at Dimitri, but right when about to strike, Sonic was slapped by his metal arm into a nearby forest. “Ok,” whispered Tails, huddling everyone into a circle, tell them the plan. Everyone took the orders. First, Amy used her Piko Piko hammer and smashed it into his shin, knocking him to he ground. After that Tails went inside and plugged in the Bazooka. “Fire,” he shouted from the inside. Poseidon pulled the trigger and the energy bulge inside charged and charged and then BOOM, the ball of energy exploded at where Dimitri and his army stood and defeated the mass or robotic Echidnas. As they rejoiced, Dimitri shouted from a distance, “You ain’t seen the last of me, I will be back!” Dimitri backed away into the darkness, and they took Knuckles and Sonic in to help him heal.

The next morning the two woke wondering what had happened. “Gosh,” Sonic said in pain, “Dimitri can be really tough.” “Yeah,” Knuckles responded,” where are we though, and why is it day time?” “Finally you guys are awake,” cried Amy, “come in and have some breakfast.” “Wait,” Sonic declared, “what happened to Dimitri?” “Well,” she explained, “let’s just say he’ll be back.”
First Episode of Sonic X Season 4, there's more avalible at
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